Schema Generator - Tables

This page allows you to specify the tables to be used in your schema.

  1. Table -  You can enter a single table one at a time using this field.
  2. Add Table - Click this to ADD the table you have specified.
  3. Multiple Tables - You can enter multiple tables at once using this field. You need to enter the table one per line.
  4. Enforce Singular Names for Tables -  When this is checked, table names that are pluralized will be automatically singularized. For example, "Orders" becomes "Order".
  5. Add Tables - This is the button that will add the tables specified in (3).
  6. Table Names - This shows a list of tables that have been added. Note: you cannot edit or rename the table names here. You will have to delete the table first using (8).
  7. Save Schema - You can save the schema as you continue with the creation of this schema using this button.
  8. Delete - This will delete the highlighted table specified in (6).

Click NEXT to continue.


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