Audit Trigger

Current Version: 2.0

Compatibility: .NET 7.0 and upwards

Supported Databases: SQL Server

The Audit Trigger stencil will generate an SQL Server script that you can run on an SQL Server to generate audit triggers for the tables in your database.

Introduction to Database Auditing

In database administration, auditing is a key practice that involves tracking and logging events to record what data was accessed or changed, by whom, and when. It's critical for ensuring data integrity, security, and compliance with various standards and regulations.

However, setting up auditing can be complex, requiring careful scripting of triggers to capture the necessary information without impacting database performance.

The Challenge of Manual Trigger Creation

Traditionally, database administrators have had to manually create triggers for each database table. This is time-consuming and prone to errors and inconsistencies across tables and databases. Furthermore, maintaining these triggers becomes increasingly burdensome as the number of tables grows.

Introducing the Audit Trigger Stencil

The Audit Triggers stencil offers a revolutionary solution to these challenges. The stencil generates consistent and optimized triggers for all tables within your SQL Server database, saving you time and eliminating the potential for manual errors.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Efficiency: Generate triggers for an entire database in minutes, not hours or days.
  • Consistency: Ensure standardized auditing across all tables and databases.
  • Customization: Customize the level of auditing detail based on your requirements.
  • Scalability: Easily manage auditing for many tables and databases.


Release Notes

Version: 2.0   Date: March 17, 2023

New Features: N/A

Enhancements: N/A

Bug Fixes

Other Changes: N/A

Known Issues: N/A




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