1. Overview
  2. Stencils
  3. Selecting Stencils

Selecting Stencils

When you want to select a stencil for a specific use, this is the form that pops up:


  1. Stencil Categories - This tree view shows the different categories of stencils
  2. Stencils - This is a list of stencils under the category selected in (1).
  3. Stencil Description - This is a description of the stencil selected.
  4. Creator - This is the creator of the selected stencil.
  5. More Information -  Clicking on this link provides access to additional information about the highlighted stencil. For instance, if the selected stencil is aspnetcore-razor, clicking More Information will redirect you to a page containing detailed information about the aspnetcore-razor stencil. 
  6. Download more stencils - This link allows you to download stencils from the online marketplace.
  7. Select - Clicking allows you to select the highlighted stencil.




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