Code Assets

The Code Asset is a library of code snippets that you can use to speed up your stencil creation or even as a quick addition to an existing project.

You can access this library from the Tools menu: Tools | Code Assets or with the shortcut - CTRL + SHIFT + A



  1. Node Label - This is the text that will be inserted as the label of a node in the Code Tree
  2. This shows the current folder whose contents are listed in the List View (See 4)
  3. Allow Editing - By default, the contents of a displayed code asset are read-only to avoid unintended overwrites. However, you can switch this to a read-write mode by checking this box.
  4. This is the List View showing the contents of the folder. Note that it displays only files with the extension ".codestencilasset".
  5. This field contains the actual snippet that will be inserted into the Node details of a node.
  6. Description - This is simply a description of what the code asset does.
  7. New Code Asset - This is where you can insert/create a new code asset.
  8. This context menu provides additional options.


    Navigate to folder - This opens a dialog that allows you to navigate to any folder.

    New Code Asset - Allows you to create a new code asset. Functionality is similar to (7).

    New from Clipboard - This will automatically create a code asset based on the text in your clipboard.

    Rename - This allows you to change the name of a code asset.

    Delete - This allows you to delete a code asset.

    View - This allows you to change the view of the listed items just the same way you can change the view of files in Windows Explorer.

    Refresh - This refreshes the List View.

  9. Parent Folder - When you click this button it will take you to the parent folder of the current folder indicated in (2).

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