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Database Schema Approach

In the Entity Framework, there are 2 common ways you can create your database schema:

1) Code First

2) Database First

CodeStencil provides you with a faster way of employing either of these methods. You can select which one of these approaches you want to you in your project.

  1. Code First - This option uses the concept of creating your POCO classes by hand. Only, you have a more automated and faster way to do this by using the Schema Generator.
  2. DB First (Using Schema Library)Clicking on the database icon will allow you to select the schema from the Schema Library. This option will be most likely used when you want to create an application afresh using already-defined schemas.
  3. DB First (Import From DB) - This will allow you to import from an existing database by calling the Schema Import wizard. This is the most likely option you will use if you already have a database ( which is the case for over 70% of users), and all you just want to do is generate a CRUD application using your database.
  4. Database First (Using chatGPT) - You can use this option if you want to describe the type of application you will like to create and then let the ChatGPT Api help you achieve this. Unlike a manual prompt query that you will perform on https://chat.openai.com/ whereby you will have to take the code created for you by ChatGPT and build up your own application, CodeStencil only needs the schema created by the response and then it will build up your CRUD application for you using any pre-selected stencil.  
  5. None - If you select the option, your project will not include a schema/database. All you will get is a project created from the pre-selected stencil but without any ties to a schema or database. Note that you can always attach/add a schema to this project later on. 







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