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System Expansion Labels

  1. NAMESPACE -  This is used, in the case of .NET applications to represent the Namespace in your code. It is usually a combination of the ORGANIZATION_LABEL and the PROJECT_NAME.
  2. ORGANIZATION_LABEL - The organization Label is usually a single word that represents an organization. Examples of organizations can be words like Microsoft, Oracle, etc. Note that they are all single words.
  3. ORGANIZATION_NAME - This is the full name of an organization when compared to the ORGANIZATION_LABEL. Examples will be Microsoft Inc., Oracle Corporation, etc.
  4. PROJECT_NAME -  This is the name of your project.
  5. OUTPUT_FOLDER - This is the folder your code will be generated into.
  6. DEFAULT_CONNECTION - This is the default connection to your database.
  7. LOG_FILE - This is the path to the error log file created when your application runs
  8. PRESERVE_TABLE_NAME - This is a flag that stencils ( especially schema-dependent stencils)  will while generating code that pertains to table names. When set to true, it means the stencil will not pluralize/singularize the table name, rather it will be used just as it is.

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