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Folder Structure

A typical installation of CodeStencil stores its data in the Documents Folder under a sub-folder named "CodeStencil".

Within this subfolder, these are the folders that exist for different kinds of CodeStencil-related data:

CodeStencil Sub-Folders

  • CodeAssets - 
  • CodeGenerationLog - This contains the log for each generated project.
  • CodeNanites - The system nanites (installed as part of CodeStencil) are installed here.
  • ConnectionProfiles - 
  • GlobalSchemaExports - 
  • Install - Stencils downloaded to be installed on restart are saved here.
  • LayoutSettings - The layout of Grids and Forms is saved here.
  • ListsFolder -
  • Log - Log information is saved here.
  • MRU - Settings for Most Recently Used items in droplists are saved here.
  • NaniteBackup -This creates a copy of the system nanites installed in CodeStencil.
  • Projects - Created projects are saved in this folder.
  • Schema - Schema definitions are saved here.
  • SettingsFolder -
  • Stencils - Stencils are installed in this folder.
  • TableLog -
  • TempFolder -

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