Schema Generator

The Schema Generator uses the Code First concept to speed up your creation of POCO objects that become automatically integrated with your CodeStencil Project. You will not have to code by hand, rather you will make use of quick shortcuts that intelligently create the framework for the eventual creation of these POCO objects.

You can access the Schema Generator from here:

There are 3 options available:

  1. Use Schema Library - Here you can pick a pre-defined schema from the library of available schemas we have created. Go here to view the Schema Library.
  2. New Schema - Here you can define a Schema from scratch.
  3. Code First - Select the stencil and pick the Code First approach, just like the image below;

On clicking OK, the code will be generated and the Code First wizard will come up just like the image below;

  • Option 1: This will copy the schema from the list of schema libraries. This will set up the tables, columns, and relationships for you with little to no change.
  • Option 2: Selecting this will mean creating the schema you want from scratch. You will set up the schema's tables, columns, and relationships from scratch.





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