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Schema Generator - Summary


  1. Tables - This grid shows the tables already created in this schema.
  2. Relationships - This grid shows the relationship(s) between the tables.
  3. Columns - This grid shows the columns in this schema.
  4. Database Provider - You can choose from different database providers. Depending on the version of CodeStencil you are using, all the database providers may not be available. With the FREE version, only the SQLite database provider is available, for the PRO version, SQLite, SQL Server, and MySql are available. 
  5. Server - This is the name Server or the Host the database will be created on.
  6. Database - Depending on the database provider (see 4 above), this is the name of the database that is to be created. If the database provider is SQLite, then that would be the filename.
  7. Database Check - You can check for the existence of a database before it is created/generated with this.
  8. Finish & Generate - Click this to proceed with the database generation.


Click Finish & Generate Schema.

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